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        The All-Access Campus ID

        Updating the campus experience for Generation Z

        Many campuses have successfully tailored the educational experience to meet
        the expectations of digitally entrenched, sustainability-minded millennials. But as Generation Z enters college, expectations of what it means to offer a great campus experience are shifting.

        According to a survey by Barnes & Noble College, Getting to Know Gen Z, smart boards, digital textbooks, online study materials, game-based learning systems, Skype, social media, and other ed-tech tools are increasingly becoming part of the college learning experience. Universities across the world have to be focused on delivering the digital-centric educational experience these students expect.

        As a result, leaders in higher education are reinventing their approaches to better gratify Gen Z students by offering them new ways to experience their campuses. And it all starts with the student ID.

        Understanding Generation Z

        Gen Z is a new breed of student born between 1996 and 2009 that connects to the world around them in very different ways compared with previous generations. They’re not digital natives, they’re digital experts. They’re multitaskers with short attention spans. They’re fiercely individual, self-reliant, and extremely influential. They expect five-star experiences across the board, from restaurants to retail. This is especially true when it comes to their expectations of higher education.

        They also expect technology to work. They have never known a world without the internet, and they want their higher education experiences to mirror their technology-enabled world. They can multitask on an average number of five screens, and they Snapchat, Tweet, and learn visually from short, to-the-point YouTube

        Gen Z students also share their lives – and opinions – online. Their lives play out in images shared every day on social media. If they have a bad experience with their school, a retailer, or products they purchase, they’re quick to broadcast their discontent to hundreds, if not thousands,of followers.

        These students have grown up in a world where great experiences aren’t an aspiration, they’re an expectation. They expect five-star experiences whether they’re online or on campus. They rate every experience for their networks and the world to see, and they won’t hesitate to assign five-star ratings to experiences that live up to their high expectations – and lower ratings for those that fall short.


        • Cherish individuality and self-reliance
        • Create personal brand and continually share opinions through social media
        • Value experiences and hold institutions accountable for these experiences

        One-Card Student IDs – No Waiting

        Streamline ID issuance

        Old-school ID programs won’t impress this generation of tech-savvy, social multitaskers and influencers. Waiting in long lines at the student services department to have photos taken or receive an ID card on orientation day is an experienced killer. Now it’s possible to eliminate lines on orientation day.

        Imagine using a tablet to take a student’s photo and enrolling them from the cafeteria, book store, or dorms as they explore campus. This creates a true five-star experience for Generation Z.

        Offer a true one-card experience

        The technology available today for ID card issuance empowers schools to easily provide a true one-card experience. Smart card technology for student ID cards can be programmed and used to pay for meals, do laundry, enter secure facilities, and do everything in between. Schools adopting this technology are creating card programs that offer a sense of individuality, self-reliance, purpose, and community to help capture and deliver the experience Gen Zis looking for.

        Unleash the power of an ID program with distributed issuance

        Rather than issuing student IDs at a dedicated location, resulting in long lines, schools can now use flexible server-based ID card software that enables the capture of student photos and demographic data anywhere on campus. A server-based approach provides access from any secure, connected workstation or mobile device on the network. In addition to capturing images and data anywhere, campuses can print ID cards at multiple locations or in batches for efficient distribution. This eliminates long lines that might frustrate Gen Z students and allows cards to be issued quickly.

        Remote monitoring and management (RMM) software can also be used to manage a fleet of card printers from one convenient dashboard. With RMM software, schools have real-time visibility across their printer fleet, and they can quickly deploy firmware updates. Certificates and keys can also be updated centrally, and supply levels and maintenance alerts can be monitored with less intervention by school IT staff.


        Get five stars from Gen Z

        Ready or not, Gen Z is taking over college campuses. They’re digital gurus, expert multitaskers, fiercely individual, extremely influential, and have short attention spans. They’re quick to share their lives through images and ratings on social media – putting their school’s brand and reputation on the line in one Snap, Tweet, or video.

        Colleges and universities are finding ways to deliver the five-star experiences that Gen Z students expect, starting with the campus ID card.

        Adapt card issuance programs to provide students with a stunning ID card that reflects their unique identity. Give them an all-access pass to everything they want to do and everywhere they want to go on campus. Eliminate long lines and waiting on orientation day.

        Our server-based card issuance software makes it easy to adapt campus ID card programs. University staff can issue ID cards on any secured device, anywhere on campus. And remote monitoring and management tools will streamline administration of card issuance programs like never before.

        In return, schools not only deliver five-star experiences to students, but they are well on their way to earning five-star ratings from Gen Z.

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