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        Adding Durability to Your Card Program

        Protecting cards against life’s harsh realities

        Consumers handle their cards in many different ways. Some carry them in their wallet and use them every day. Others may stick them in a pocket or leave them laying loose in a bag or purse. Still, others like to put their cards to the test and use them for unintended purposes, such as scraping a window. In any case, these various uses have different impacts on the lifespan of a card, and the more durability you can add to the card, the lower the replacement costs will be. This is especially important with costly EMV smart cards that are used to create more secure card portfolios. Card durability and longevity become vitally important in reducing overall program costs.

        Usage is just one factor that impacts card durability. The following factors all contribute to card lifespan:

        A closer look at card lifespan

        To get an idea of the average lifespan for your card program, you need to consider the typical usage, the level of required functionality for transaction capability, and exposure levels that your card will face on a regular basis. We recommend considering all of the elements that impact your card program and selecting the appropriate level of protection based on your specific needs.
        Based on the types of usage and exposure a card may experience, the chart on page three can help you determine the durability options that best suit your card program.

        Estimated card life based on the following:

        • PVC substrate with polish finish
        • Direct-to-card printing consists of preprinted card substrate with variable personalization
        • Retransfer printing consists of blank white substrate/or minimal preprinted substrate and card personalized with full-color printing. Some card edgewear is considered market acceptable
        • Card life assumptions are based on combination of laboratory testing and real-life experiences

        Adding durability pays off

        Issuing durable cards that stand up to life’s demands has always been a crucial component of any card program. But with increased issuance costs due to the rise of EMV smart cards, issuing long-lasting cards is more important than ever. With Entrust solutions and our industry expertise on your side, you can produce, print, and personalize vibrant, durable cards that build consumer loyalty and ensure successful, secure transactions.

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