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        Entrust Sigma Series ID Card Printers

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        Entrust Sigma Series ID Card Printers are the world’s most advanced ID issuance solution. They are specifically designed for today’s cloud environments, with new technologies that can help take your ID Card Program to the next level. Print Physical ID Cards along with Digital ID Cards with the most user-friendly and secure ID cards printers on the planet. Entrust Sigma Series ID Card printers are Simple, Smart and Secure.

        Entrust: Your Trusted Partner in Secure Identity Solutions

        Entrust is a global leader in the provision of identity-based security solutions. Established in 1969, and still privately owned, Entrust has been at the forefront of harnessing technology to protect identities, ensure data confidentiality, and uphold digital privacy for individuals, businesses, and governments worldwide.

        Entrust website states:

        We’ve established secure connections across the planet and even into outer space. We’ve enabled reliable debit and credit card purchases with our card printing and issuance technologies. Protected international travel with our border control solutions. Created secure experiences on the internet with our SSL technologies. And safeguarded networks and devices with our suite of authentication products.”

        Why Choose Entrust?

        With a footprint in over 150 countries, Entrust is a name recognized and trusted worldwide.

        Leveraging continuous research, Entrust consistently rolls out cutting-edge solutions that set industry standards.

        Whether it’s securing transactions, protecting identities, or ensuring data privacy, Entrust has a comprehensive suite of solutions tailored to meet varying needs.

        At Entrust, the focus isn’t just on providing solutions but on crafting experiences. Their commitment is underlined by their dedication to customer satisfaction, ensuring every solution is efficient, reliable, and robust.

        The Sigma Printer Range by Entrust

        Entrusts Sigma series redefines the card printing experience. Designed keeping user convenience and security in mind, these printers bring to you the best of both worlds – high-quality printing and stringent security features.

        Entrust signature ID Card printer range, Sigma Card Printers, includes Sigma DS1, Sigma DS2, Sigma DS3 and Sigma DS4 (Financial ID Card Printer), including the extension modules such as Card Lamination Module (CLM), and Tactile Impression Module (TIM). All Sigma models share the following common features:


        • Intuitive Dashboard which allows you to print cards, order supplies, watch how-to-videos, update firmware and much more.
        • Full Mobile Control allows you to manage your printer on a mobile device.
        • Control Panel allows you to perform routine maintenance and address printer issues by scanning a QR code from your mobile device.
        • Pre-loaded Ribbon Cassettes
        • Optional Wi-Fi Module


        • On-Premise or cloud-enabled card printing
        • Can issue Physical Cards and a Mobile Flash Pass simultaneously.
        • Extension Modules (Card-Lamination Module and Tactile Impression Module) and Smart-Card Capabilities
        • Variable LED light ring provides visual alerts when there is an issue with the printer (card jam, out of cards, needs cleaning, etc.)
        • LED light ring allows you to incorporate your own brand colours on the printer.


        • Trusted Platform Module
        • Encrypted Data Transfer (does not store in the printer after printing is complete).
        • Speciality security printing features to protect cards from counterfeiting and tampering.
        • optional locks protect card inventory.

        Other Features:

        • 300 DPI Print Quality on Cards
        • Australia-wide post-sales support and exceptional customer service.
        • 36-Month Warranty

        Why opt for Sigma Printers?


        From ID cards to event badges, Sigma printers can handle a wide variety of printing needs.

        Quality Assurance:

        Each print is crisp, clear, and long-lasting.


        Sigma printers are designed with eco-friendliness in mind, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint without compromising on performance.

        End-to-End Encryption:

        The Sigma series ensures that your data is encrypted from the point of capture to the point of printing.

        Making a Mark in the Printing World:

        The Sigma range by Entrust is more than just a printer series – it’s a commitment to excellence, security, and user satisfaction. By choosing Sigma, businesses and individuals alike are assured of a seamless, secure, and superior printing experience.

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