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        All You Need To Know About Sigma Card Durability

        One of the most crucial aspects of any rising business is the need to supply identification. Whether you require credentials for contractors, employees, members, or students, having card durability can make a world of difference to the shelf life of your ID documents.

        Everyone stores and uses their ID in their own way. From your wallet, bag, or pocket, there are many different places you could stow it away. In some cases, some consumers unfortunately don’t properly take care of their ID, requiring them to replace it. However, if the card durability is of high quality this can assure that you won’t have to reproduce it again.

        The question is, what is sigma card durability? While it might seem complicated, we’re going to give you the low down on how it works, the benefits, and more.

        For those looking to buy a Sigma printer from our site, here are all your enduring questions answered.

        1. What Is Sigma Card Durability?

        Our range of Entrust Sigma printers offer card durability which works to increase the longevity of your ID documents. You can guarantee that these ID will have the best quality possible and that the standard of photos will remain intact. Providing a range of additional security features including laminates, overlays, and topcoats, the protective outer layer prevents the image of the ID from corroding and/or fading. With the extra coating, this increases card durability allowing your business to extend the shelf life of these ID documents, allowing your users to continue to use it for years ahead. This longevity will save your business money in the long run which is why Sigma printers are an investment worth making.

        This card durability feature is comprised of:


        The topcoat is a narrow and clear layer that is designed to provide full security to the ID document. This layer aims to prevent your bar codes, logos, images, and signatures from getting damaged. As this increases your card durability, this ensures that the ID documents will be protected from wearing away, chemical corrosion, and plasticizers.


        Overlays are the next level of protection, providing 4 times heavy duty security than your typical topcoat. This further increases your card durability, at a cost-effective price, ultimately saving you money for your business. There are two overlay options including a full card or one that has a smart card window. For a longer shelf life and quality ID documents, you can be assured overlays will make a difference.


        Laminates are the most robust choice among the three, safe guarding the ID document from damage whether it’d be caused by chemical abrasions or water contamination. The polyester patch is designed to increase the longevity of drivers licenses and other ID that would be incredibly costly to reproduce. There are three options for our laminates including full card, one with magnetic stripe, or smart card window. There are even options for UV protective laminates to keep your ID documents from fading from the sun.

        Why Card Durability Is Important?

        Card durability helps you save money in the long run as it prevents constant reissues from occurring with previously produced ID documents. All of these features, including the topcoat, overlay, and laminates, all provide an extra layer of protection to keep the document from getting damaged. As a result, this can make the whole production process all the more easier, ensuring your consumers can use these ID documents for years ahead.

        At CSID, we have more than 25 years of supplying and distributing identity solutions across Australia. If you’d like to purchase our products or have further queries about our services, contact our team today!

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