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        With the widespread adoption of smartphones, smart watches, and other mobile devices, organisations around the globe are now offering digital credentials to complement their physical credentials. This provides a convenient, secure way to issue dynamically provisioned credentials for employees, students, visitors, and members. CSID is now proudly promoting and selling two unique Digital Card solutions. The first is the Mobile Flash Pass by ENTRUST. This solution enables you to issue digital badges that include biographic data as well as a photograph and/or bar code all from the cloud using the IDaaS Software platform.

        The Mobile Flash Pass sits securely in either the Apple Wallet or Google Pay. You can issue these Digital cards from any device anytime anywhere.

        The other product is called Mobile ID Lab. Mobile ID Lab is about building a secure id issuance platform that would allow organisations to setup quickly and simply and to be issuing secure IDs to ID Holders within 30 Minutes. The product is accessible via an “APP” from either the Apple Store or Google Play and it can be customised how you want it and when you want it!

        See below and read more on both Industry first Digital Card Products from CSID.


        RETRO IS BACK!