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        Entrust Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer

        sigma ds2

        Sigma DS2 Direct-to-Card Printer

        The Sigma DS2 ID card Printer has the ability to print single or dual-sided ID Cards with beautiful results. It’s intuitive dashboard and has seamless self-service with the ability to access how-to-videos and other helpful resources. With pre-loaded ribbon cassettes and forward-thinking technology, it’s the friendliest ID Card Printer on the market.

        Refer to Sigma DS2 ID Card Printer with CLM for an extra level of protection for ID Cards to prevent tampering and counterfeiting. Laminate options include UV Printing, Holographic Laminates and Luster Printing.

        The Perfect Balance of Functionality and Security

        The Sigma DS2 stands out as the mid-range printer in the Sigma series, offering both single-sided and dual-sided printing options. A versatile choice for diverse needs, Sigma DS2 promises both quality and reliability.

        Key Features of Sigma DS2

        Dual-sided Printing:

        Print on both sides of the card without the need to manually flip the card.

        Integrated Security Features:

        Comes with a secure boot, ensuring malware-free startups, and additional encryption features for data protection.

        Enhanced Connectivity:

        Supports wireless connectivity for seamless printing experiences.

        Direct-to-Card Printing:

        Ensures faster printing without compromising on quality.

        Who Should Opt for Sigma DS2?

        Perfect for medium to large businesses, institutions, and organizations that require versatile, secure, and efficient card printing solutions.

        Request a Quote

        We will provide you with a quotation in 24 hours.

        Out of Box Experience

        Reduces the complexity and frustrations of unboxing specifically engineered to start the ultimate printing experience.

        Printer Dashboard

        See printer status, order supplies, check cleaning status, update firmware, or contact help, all on your mobile device.

        Out of Box Experience

        Printing cards has never been easier with flexibility to issue IDs with software in the cloud or on-premise.

        Unmatched Security

        Ensure your data is safe from intruders with encryption technology, TPM Module, and Secure Boot.

        Purposeful Design

        Designed to integrate into your physical environment with features such as variable light LED ring.

        Physical & Digital

        Ability to issue a physical ID (card) and a digital ID (mobile flashpass) at the same time.

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