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        Construction, Mining & Logistics

        The Construction, Mining & Logistics Industry have specific Regulations, Safety Protocols and Security requirements for Access and Identification.

        Many also require their members identity to be a valid, Physical Identity Cards on their person at all times.

        A Instant Issuance Identity Card System is a perfect way to manage employee Identification, Induction Records, and Training Certifications. Proof of ID and Induction and Training Certificates allows Construction, Mining & Logistics Organisations to avoid costly risks and fines.

        CSID have a variety of ID Printer Solutions to suit the Construction, Mining & Logistics Industries. We can supply you with the following Identity Applications:

        • Staff Identification Cards for Site/Warehouse/Depot
        • Site Induction Cards
        • Licenses and Certifications
        • Operator / Equipment Danger TAG
        • Site Access Control
        • Canteen / Kiosk / Vending Cards

        In December 2022, the Freight & Trade Alliance (FTA) in Australia notified its members of the new regulations for Depot and Warehouse Licenses as outlined in Australian Customs Notice (ACN) 2022/46. Part of the new regulations now requires all staff working in Customs & Freight Forwarding in Import and Export to have a valid Security Identification Card on them at all times. This Identification Card verifies that staff personnel have been screened for their role and that they are permitted to be on-premises of any Licensed Customs Depot or Warehouse.

        CSID (CardServ ID Pty Ltd) Instant Issuance Desktop ID Card Printers are the perfect solution for all International Supply Chains including Importers, Exporters, Custom Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Logistic Service Suppliers.

        Our card printer systems work with the following integrators:

        Our solutions are also able to provide both Physical and Digital Proof of Identity simultaneously. Our Solutions have the capability of Name Badge Production to allow for Professional Certification Cards, Licenses, Access Control and Danger Lockout Tags.

        We can also provide ID Accessories which stand the rigorous conditions of the Construction, Mining and Logistics environment.

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