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        When Should I Upgrade My ID Card Printer?

        Your organisation’s office equipment are vital assets that not only need to be looked after but also have a lifecycle. Your ID Card Printer may tread along nicely for many years issuing ID or Membership Cards for your staff/visitors, going unnoticed. Well, that is until it either malfunctions or becomes outdated. But knowing when to replace your ID Card Printer—and what to do with the old one—is crucial to maintaining efficiency for your organisation’s Card Issuance Program. It’s also important for practicing responsible waste management.

        In this article, we’ll explore the indicators that it might be time to upgrade to a new ID Card Printer and shed light on the best ways to deal with the old one.

        1. Card Printer Models become discontinued by the Manufacturer over time:

        Making the decision to buy a new ID Card Printer involves various factors that influence the decision-making process.

        One of these is when an ID Card Printer manufacturer decides to discontinue the production of a particular Card Printer Model. The manufacturer will usually inform the market 1-2 years prior to this to prepare the distributor, reseller, and end-user for the printer’s “end-of-life”. After this 2-year period, the manufacturer then deems the Card Printer Model obsolete, and the manufacturer will consequently cease providing firmware and driver upgrades to that model Card Printer.

        Additionally, when the manufacturer deems a Card Printer Model obsolete, then the cost of supplies and spare parts increases significantly, increasing the running costs of your Card Issuance Program. The spare parts also become more difficult to obtain. This is a perfect time to upgrade your ID Card Printer. This will avoid the inconvenience and significant running costs involved in trying to maintain a Card Printer Model which is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

        2. Your Card Issuance Program changes as your Organisation Changes:

        As your organisation grows and changes then you should look for opportunities to improve your Card Issuance Program; speed up your Card Issuance and make your ID Card Printing more secure, cost-effective, and simple to run.

        • Faster Card Issuance:

        ID Card printing technology is continually evolving and improving. The need to issue ID Cards quickly and efficiently has become a requirement for many organisations as they become busier. The need to print fast, without compromising on quality is key. New card Printer Models such as Entrust Sigma Range, also have cost-effective supplies such as ribbons and cleaning kits. This is a major consideration when choosing when to upgrade your ID Card Printer.

        • Secure Card Issuance:

        The requirements of your organisation’s ID or membership Cards may have also changed. Your organisation may now need to print dual-sided ID Cards and upgrading to a dual-sided Card Printer will achieve this.

        Your cards may need to be more secure, and this happens often with Governments, Healthcare, and Private enterprises as these organisations need to ensure their Cards are secure, and that the data of individuals is kept safely in the cloud. Entrust Sigma Range does all these things.

        With the introduction of security features within the new ID Card printers such as Tactile Impressions, Holograms, and Laminations Modules, Card printers can issue cards that are counterfeit and tamper-proof. This is something Digital ID technology will never be able to replicate.

        If you want spectacular-looking cards which are secure, you do not have to purchase a costly additional Printer Module with the introduction of the Luster Ribbons, as they work across all Entrust Sigma Model Card Printers and are low-cost added features. This is something to think about when deciding whether your organisation needs to upgrade to a new ID Card printer to ensure your Card Issuance is highly secure at all stages of the Card Issuance Program.

        • Smarter and Simpler Card Issuance:

        Uninterrupted running of day-to-day business operations is very important. The Card Printer Issuance program should support this continuation of business activities. The new Printer Models such as Entrust Sigma Range, have inbuilt intuitive dashboard indicators to ensure your Card Printer is running smoothly. The Card also can be controlled and monitored remotely from a Mobile phone device – anytime and anywhere. Inbuilt Wi-Fi module options along with pre-loaded cassettes to make ribbon changes super simple means that anybody within your organisation can operate your Card Printer and issue ID and Membership Cards seamlessly.

        Entrust Sigma Range of ID Card Printers are world-class and at the forefront of Instant ID Card Issuance technology, which enables them to meet all these requirements. They also adapt to your organisation’s needs as your organisation changes. Consider an upgrade of your ID Card Printer to ensure Faster, Secure, and Simpler Card Issuance.

        So, if your organisation’s Card Issuance requirements have changed needing dual-sided printing, wireless connectivity, and security enhancements, it might be worthwhile to invest in a new one. These features not only increase efficiency but also ensure the security of the cards and your clients. You, therefore, get access, control, and autonomy over the quality and quantity of what you need to be printed.

        Learn more about our Complete range of Entrust ID Card Printers

        How do I get rid of my old ID Card Printer?

        So, you’ve decided to upgrade to the best ID card printer software on the market. But what should you do with your old card printer?

        1. Consider Selling or Donating your old Card Printer:

        If your old card printer is still in good working condition but just doesn’t meet your current needs, selling it could be a viable option. There are many small businesses or community service organisations that may find value in a second-hand printer.

        Donating is another great choice, especially if you want to support local non-profit organisations. Remember, one man’s trash can indeed be another man’s treasure.

        2. Consider Trade-in Offers:

        CSID provides regular trade-in offers where you trade in your old ID Card Printer for an upgraded newer ID Card Printer model, offering a discount on your new upgrade. CSID highly encourages this as not only does it ensure your old printer is disposed of responsibly, but we are able to provide ongoing support with your new Card Printer upgrade with genuine supplies, manufacture-approved warranty support, and service. CSID post-sale customer support is at the heart of what we do.

        3. Proper Disposal and Recycling:

        If your printer is beyond repair, then proper disposal becomes necessary. However, due to the potential environmental hazards posed by the materials used in printers, it’s essential to dispose of your old printer responsibly.

        CSID offer take-back programs where they will responsibly recycle your old printer. Alternatively, look for local e-waste recycling facilities. Remember, responsible disposal is not just a good business practice, it’s a way of taking care of our planet.


        Recognizing the right time to purchase a new card printer is a calculated decision. Stay vigilant about your current printer’s performance and keep up to date with the latest technological advancements. When it’s time to part ways with your old printer, remember the options of selling, donating, or properly recycling. This journey doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right steps, it can be seamless and rewarding.

        At CSID, we offer a complete range of ID card printers from our exclusive partnership with Entrust. Paving the way as the leading supplier of ID Card Printing solutions across Australia, Fiji, and PNG we’re here to make sure your Card Issuance Program is simple, efficient, and cost-effective.

        Have a look at our ID Card Printer page to see our range and any last added items on the list. For any further questions, Contact Us Today or Request a Demo.

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