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        Boost Security to your ID Cards with Entrust Stunning Luster Feature

        Did you know that there is an easy and affordable way to make your ID cards brilliant looking and more secure?

        Try adding a unique and customised Entrust Luster Feature with your Entrust Sigma DS1, Sigma DS2, or Sigma DS3 model ID Card Printers from CSID. There is no need to purchase additional Printer modules, which can be costly if you don’t require them.

        In a few steps, you can turn a simple ID Card into something stunning and secure.

        Let us dive in and learn all about the Entrust Luster Feature, its benefits, and how it works.

        Learn more about how our Luster technology works here.

        What is Luster Technology?

        The Entrust Luster Ribbon is a specialty ribbon that allows you to print translucent colour-shifting designs. Unique design card printing can be done with a single- or double-sided card application all in line with the Entrust Luster Ribbon. It’s as easy as 1,2,3! The Key benefits of Luster Technology are:

        Visible Iridescent Mica Print & UV Fluorescing:

        The Luster colour panel set provides full-colour dye panels, including black resin, as well as a topcoat for an extra layer of card protection, and a Entrust Luster Panel for iridescent printing features. By mixing your creativity, our Entrust Luster Colour Panel Ribbon, and one of our Sigma DS series Printers, you can create the most appealing ID Card designs.

        Economic Two-Factor Card Authentication for Maximised Security:

        Another benefit of Entrust Luster Feature is that it is a great way to increase security and protect the identification of your staff, students, members, or anyone who will be using these ID cards, without the need to purchase an add-on printer module. The Luster specialty print ribbon provides extra protection, ensuring maximum safety. This feature also provides physical “two-factor card authentication”, making these identification cards safe and secure to use.

        Eye-catching & Transparent Sheen:

        Unlike a normal identification card, the Entrust Luster Feature shows a translucent and colourful sheen when images and texts are added to the card. This creates a gorgeous effect under UV light, making it easy to see and read. All in one ribbon, you can get full-colour prints, Luster designs, and a durable topcoat to keep it looking aesthetically appealing and intact for the years ahead.

        So, How Does it Work?

        The Entrust Luster specialty print ribbon allows you to include additional security that can easily be applied to your ID card programs. Adding text and images with the Luster panel creates a colour-shifting translucent effect that is viewable under natural or UV light. Full-colour printing, Luster print designs, and topcoat, all in one low-cost ribbon.

        There is no need to purchase any additional modules. You can create colourful, stunning card designs with the combination of the Entrust Luster colour panel ribbon and the technology of the Sigma DS series card printers. The Luster design can be done either by using the Entrust Instant ID Software or via the XPS Card Print Driver. It is that simple.

        Give Your ID Card Program the Luster it Needs:

        The Entrust Luster Feature is the perfect for keeping your Identification Cards brilliance and security intact for the years to come. Whether you work in Government, Private Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, or any industry which requires an Identification Card, CSID have the perfect Luster Feature on the market.

        CSID is here to provide innovative and state-of-the-art ID card printer solutions that are tailor-made for everyone. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, we know first and foremost the best ways to improve your ID card program for Australian businesses across all professions.

        Secure, colourful, and economical. Ask today how to add Luster and stunning impact to your ID card programs.

        By Reuben Bou-Samra – General Sales Manager at CSID (CardServ ID Pty Ltd) – published 1st August 2023.

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