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        The Age-Old Question: Do Plastic ID Card Printer Supplies Ever Expire?

        From our experience, it is always a good idea to have an extra ribbon or two, additional cleaning supplies and spare blank cards on hand, in case you run out or need to replace your ID card printer supplies urgently.

        Most often customers are left without these consumables for urgent card printing jobs such as for secure photo ID cards, student cards, staff ID cards, club membership cards, loyalty cards or important access cards. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have the best ID card printer supplies on hand and ready to print.

        The question we often get asked is-

        Is having too many card printer supplies mean that they will expire if they are not used? And if so, is there an expiry date for these supplies?

        The team at CSID are here to help you answer your burning questions.

        What Supplies do I Need to Print High-Quality Plastic Cards?

        To print with your card printer, you will need the following core items:

        Our Entrust Plastic Card Printer

        Either a Full Colour or Monochrome ribbon depending on your card personalisation

        Entrust Instant ID Card Software to create your card template and store your credentials. Perfect and efficient for pre-printed cards.

        A cleaning kit or cleaning supplies for regular and routine printer maintenance

        And ID Accessories to display your printed cards such as Plain or Custom lanyards, card holders, badge reels etc.

        Learn more about our Entrust ID card printers and software range today.

        How Should I Store my ID Card Printer & Printing Supplies?

        Based on the recommendation from the manufacturer, your card printer and card printer supplies should be stored in a normal temperature and humidity-controlled environment. Examples are in an air-conditioned office, front desk at reception, and purpose-built security pass office. Yet most importantly especially away from direct sunlight or very hot humid conditions.

        It is also essential that you protect the card printer away from spills and liquids which can cause water damage and main board failure. Another notable is to be aware of is Dust. Dust can also interfere with card printer sensors, printer rollers and onto cards inside the input hopper. Therefore, our recommendation is to cover your card printer to avoid dust storms or dusty environments.

        Card Printer Supplies like ribbons, laminates, plastic cards, and cleaning kits should be securely stored, tightly sealed and kept in their original packaging. It is vital that all Card printer Supplies be stored away from direct sunlight or strong UV conditions. If not, these extreme temperature conditions will cause deterioration to the supplies leading to very poor print quality and damage to your asset.

        Finally, Do ID Card Printer Supplies Ever Expire?

        Yes, card printer supplies can expire. This is set out by the manufacturer. How long they will last will solely depend on how well you store them and protect them from dust, liquids, and high temperature conditions.

        Over many years, ribbons and laminates can become more fragile and tear easier as they age, and cleaning pre-saturated alcohol pens and cleaning pre-saturated wipes from a card printer cleaning kit will dry out over time.

        Most manufacturers often recommend using your card printer supplies within one year of purchase. This will enable you to get peak performance of the card printer and supplies being used. You want to ensure you get the most out of your asset, which in most cases produces essential, highly secure identification cards. And within that one-year timeframe, still allows you to keep additional supplies on hand without worrying about ribbons, laminate or other supplies expiring.

        Finally, it is important to only purchase genuine card printer supplies. Please be careful and mindful of your purchase and ensure the supplies are purchased either direct from the local authorised distributor or a cost effective and reliable partner.

        ID Card Printers & Supplies Perfect for all Organisations

        The team at CSID are here and ready to supply your organisation with your next Card printer or genuine card printers supplies from all card printer manufacturers.

        We provide same day dispatch options across Australia as well as Instant ID to ensure you get access to your ID supplies right away.

        Contact Us Today to help you purchase the right ID card printer & supply range to suit your business.

        Written by Reuben Bou-Samra 12th June CSID (CardServ ID Pty Ltd)

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