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        Expert’s Guide to Cleaning your ID Card Printer

        Maintaining consistent print quality, overall printer performance, and printer longevity all depends on keeping your ID Card Printer clean. An ID Card Printer is a valuable investment, and like most investments, if not properly cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, there is a considerable risk that you may experience issues in the future.

        Cleaning your ID Card Printer removes dirt, dust, and debris which affects the moving parts in the printer, along with the sensitive electronics.

        Lack of consistent cleaning can significantly reduce the quality of your prints and damage your print head over time. This could result in costly repairs and replacements of parts.

        When you purchase an ID Card Printer, you should consider investing in a Cleaning Kit or Cleaning Supplies that are specifically designed for the model you have. Not only are Cleaning Kits and Supplies affordable, but most Cleaning Kits also include all the items you need in a single kit, so there’s really no guesswork involved.

        There are indicators to look out for which tell you if your ID Card Printer needs to be cleaned.

        Whether you are a new or experienced user of ID Card Printers, here are the  warning signs are ones to look out for:

        • Ribbons are tearing or breaking
        • Print Imperfections (smudges and lines through the Card Print)
        • Issues with Card Feeding
        • Poor Image Quality

        How to Clean Your ID Card Printer:

        Each manufacturer will have different recommendations for cleaning (usually after a set number of cards), but the easiest way to remember is this – clean your printer every time you change the ribbon.

        It is always recommended that you only use the cleaning supplies for your specific ID Card Printer model to avoid damaging the ID Card Printer components.

        In the case of Entrust ID Card printers, protect your investment with certified Entrust supplies, to extend the print head life and avoid troublesome technical issues. Like all Entrust ID Card Printer products, Entrust Cleaning Supplies are precision-engineered for reliable performance which is matched to your Entrust Printer. This results in what Entrust ID Card Printers are known for- smooth printing, brilliant image quality, enhanced security, and world-class performance every time you print.

        Entrust ID Card Printers have a guide on how often you perform each cleaning task on your specific model. Here’s a summary:

        Sigma Series Cleaning Recommendations for Sigma DS1, Sigma DS2, Sigma DS3, Sigma DS4:

        Each time you change the ribbon or every 500 cards, remember to clean the printer with a cleaning card and replace the cleaning roller. If you see colour or white lines on completed cards, then it is time to clean the Print head. If you see particles on completed cards, then it is time to replace the cleaning roller.

        Artista CR Series Cleaning Recommendations for CR314 & CR805:

        Each time you change the ink ribbon make sure to clean the ID Card Printer with a cleaning card, replace the cleaning sleeve and clean the printhead. Routinely every 3 months, remember to clean the rear fan filter. If you see particles on completed cards, then replace the cleaning sleeve and clean the printer with adhesive cleaning cards. If you see colour or white lines on completed cards, then clean the printhead. If you see repeated dots on completed cards, then clean the printhead cam rollers.

        For more information, please contact us at CSID. You can also browse our Cleaning Kits and Supplies for your ID Card Printer.

        Happy Printing!

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