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        3 Key factors to consider before purchasing a Wholesale ID Card Printer

        When it comes to going through security at work, it’s important for your employees to have their identification on hand – that’s why having a Wholesale ID Card Printer is essential to your business operations. But with the range of options out there, the question to ask yourself is what factors should I consider before making my purchase? This is to guarantee you have the right Wholesale ID Card Printer to create all your necessary identification documents for your organization. In the next few sections, we’re going to dive deeper into these factors below.

        1. What is the Purpose of the Wholesale ID Card Printer?

        An important thing to consider is the purpose for which you are buying a Wholesale ID card Printer. Are they intended for allowing building access? Is it for issuing simple identification? Or are they prerequisites for making payments? For example, if you were issuing student ID Cards, a simple Wholesale ID Card Printer which prints on one side in colour would be sufficient for your organization. However, if you were the Director of a highly secure government corporation, you may need an extra level of security and would want to prevent the potential for the reproduction of proof of identity of staff ID which would allow restricted persons to access your organization. In the latter, adding security features such as a Card Lamination or Tactile Impression could prevent this replication from occurring. These are all questions to ask before deciding on the right Wholesale ID Card Printer.

        2. What is the volume it will be used annually?

        Another key consideration to think about is the size of the business which will indicate the number of times you require these identification Cards to be issued annually. Understanding how many of these will need to be issued will assist in finding the most suitable Wholesale ID Card Printer to purchase for your organization. Afterall, the issuing needs to be simple to issue, smart in its issuing and above all, secure. These are classified as entry-level, mid-level, and enterprise-level. Entry-level can create a couple of hundred identification labels in a year spanning from 0-2,000. Mid-level can do from 2,000 up to 10,000 cards annually. Enterprise-level can do over 10,000 cards per year. Choosing the right amount will help you get the right value for money for your Wholesale ID Card Printer.

        3. What is the quality of ID Card you require?

        A major factor that will help with your final decision for the best Wholesale ID Card Printer is the type of print quality you desire. This should be based on your industry type, the main purpose of the ID Card, and how long the card will need to be used, considering Card Durability. For instance, if you manage a leading University, quality is incredibly important as these types of identifications are utilized frequently by students and need to withstand wear-and-tear. This is also important because of the need to issue more ID Cards because of the increase of students every year. These Wholesale ID Card Printers issue longevity-of-life ID Cards guaranteeing they will last for years without wasting time or money in re-issuing.

        At CSID, we have different series to choose from spanning between 300 DPI Sigma Series: DS1, DS2, and DS3 to the 600 DPI ARTISTA Retransfer ID Card Printer which produce high-quality, highly durable ID Cards.

        4. What Is Your Budget?

        Lastly, it’s highly pivotal to consider how much you are aiming to spend on a Wholesale ID Card Printer. For instance, if your biggest concern is the cost of the cards themselves, getting expensive ID Card Printer can assure that you won’t have to spend extra costs on consumables. Buying better quality machinery will ultimately save you money in the long run. The cost of the Wholesale ID Card Printer will also be dependent on the type of security features (e.g., malware and virus protection) you want to add to the identification. In the end, purchasing the best gear will be an investment worthwhile, ensuring the machinery will last for years ahead.

        Contact one of our CSID Staff to guide you in purchasing the most suitable Wholesale ID Card Printer.

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