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        Wholesale ID Card Printers: Sigma Series benefits and features

        Wholesale ID Card Printers are highly essential in current business operations. From members gaining access to secure areas to employee identification for security checks, this machinery is necessary to make it convenient and secure to certify that the correct person is identified for access.

        Our Wholesale ID Card Printers are an essential way to keep track of employees clocking in and out of the building to ensure the best safety for staff and visitors. In the following sections, we’re going to be looking at the benefits and features of using our Wholesale ID Card Printers for your business operations. We will spotlight the world-leading Sigma Series: Sigma DS1, Sigma DS2 and Sigma DS3

        Sigma DS1

        The Sigma DS1 offers speedy and effective printing, allowing you to create 175 identification cards, single-sided, every hour. You can therefore efficiently produce identification cards in an instant, whether you are inducting new employees to your organization or for issuing student IDs for a new school year. The Sigma DS1 is adaptable for all Industry’s. It even includes Wi-Fi connectivity options allowing you to save your files using cloud data software, simply and securely.

        There are even security features to keep your employees protected without the need for a Card Lamination Module. With full-colour monochrome options, allowing you to choose the appearance of your identification based on your business needs. Simply connect with a USB and you’re ready to start creating! With all these features, you can be sure that you are keeping your employees fully protected knowing they’ve got the badge of honour, as members of your organization.

        Sigma DS2

        The Sigma DS2 series has additional features with the ability to print 140 double-sided documents and 225 single-sided documents every hour. The Sigma DS2 is speedy and effective. It also offers Ethernet and Wi-Fi options, making it easy to connect your Wholesale ID Card Printer from any device across all levels of the building or even from home. If you have a medium to larger-scale organization, you will benefit by having this Sigma Series.

        The Sigma DS2 also has the added benefit of offering holographic laminates that can increase your identification longevity for up to decade. This series provides a Card Lamination Module option that gives you the option to use a laminate in your identification documents which give it an extra barrier to prevent damage, tampering or counterfeiting of the ID Card you issue. This ensures an extra layer of card security for the ID Cards you issue.

        Sigma DS3

        The Sigma DS3 series has even more printing rates lasting up to 180 identification modules per hour single-sided and 250 per hour double-sided. The Sigma DS3 offers RFID simplex to duplex upgrades, ensuring quicker printing than any of the other previous options. This series includes advanced security features such as Tactile Impression Module (TIM) for colour tactile security impressions to differentiate your business brand and guarantee the legitimacy of the identification document. There is even the option for Card Lamination of the Card Lamination Module (CLM), enhancing the security measures of your identification to prevent security breaches- both available in clear and holographic options. These are additional features customized to your organizations brand. Ask about the Sigma DS3 Card Lamination Module and Sigma DS3 Tactile Impression Module, as a value add to your Sigma DS3.


        The Sigma Series is premium world-leading option amongst our Wholesale ID Card Printers, with many options to choose from depending on the nature of your business. From small-scale through to large-scale organizations across all industries and for whatever level of security you require. The Sigma DS1, Sigma DS2 and Sigma DS3 all have the capability of 300 DPI printing quality and come with a 36-month warranty. Please contact one of our knowledgeable staff today to find out which of Sigma Series is right for your organization’s ID needs.

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