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        How To Choose The Best ID Card Printer – 7 Top Tips

        Here at CSID – we’re passionate about making sure that our clients get the optimal ID card printers for their particular needs and intentions. The notions of certification and identification have undergone a rapid transformation in recent years with the introduction of multi-layered and technologically capable ID card printers that can imbue users with so much more than a name and a photograph.

        These innovations have allowed us to offer our clients a degree of choice that was unheard of 10 years ago. Gone are the days of long issuing lines or painstakingly confusing interfaces – CSID has your ID card printer needs covered.

        Oftentimes, we’ll have clients who spend all their time researching where to buy ID card printers rather than on the units themselves! Luckily for you, you’ve found your supplier! Now it’s time to choose from our diverse range.

        This article will be covering some of our favourite tips for choosing the best ID card printer for your business!

        Tip 1 – Consider Your Demand

        The first and most important tip we can give you for your search is to consider demand and volume capability. If your business/enterprise is a larger scale one or your company has a high turnover of personnel (visitors, rotating staff etc.) then the scalability and output efficiency of your prospective purchase should be taken heartily into consideration.

        Tip 2 – Plan For Space

        Having adequate room for your new device(s) is an essential consideration to have before buying as depending on the scale, features, and overall cost of the model – size will vary. Spatial awareness and measuring out your intended space will help greatly if you come across units that you’re particularly interested in and want to know more about.

        Of course, you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions about the size/dimensions of any ID card printer you’re interested in.

        Tip 3 – Budget Accordingly

        Planning ahead and discussing the finances you can budget for your new device is always wise. Many people neglect the additional costs that are associated with these devices which include the always necessary consumable materials (ink ribbons, blanks, cleaning supplies etc.) that are needed for an ID card printer to function optimally.

        If your business is on a smaller scale or needs less functionality, then a budget ID card printer will still get the job done well!

        Tip 4 – Don’t Neglect The Software!

        Having optimal software goes a long way in making your new device run smoothly straight out of the box. There is a wealth of different software out there that make optimisation and customisation of your new IDs seamless and simple. Our range of software includes IDaaS which contains industry-leading cloud integration for easy storage and enhanced security measures to ensure authenticity and reliability.

        Tip 5 – Speed Has Its Place

        Understanding how fast a machine is able to produce what you need is a casually overlooked, but still important aspect to consider when purchasing and shopping around for an ID card printer. This goes back to considering demand wherein knowing the approximate degree of usage matters as the speed of production will play a big role in your decision.

        Tip 6 – Look For Security Functionality

        Security is a major consideration in times like these – identification should never be exempt from this consideration. Some businesses will consider certain security features to be of more importance than others such as more integrated verification processes, more intuitive encryption or more secure storage and auditing procedures.

        Conversing with your board and deciding on the level of security functionality and barriers of access (RFID scanning etc.) you’re looking for will establish the types of ID card printers you’ll be looking for.

        Tip 7 – Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions

        Remember a CSID expert is always on hand to answer any questions you have! We’ve had the pleasure of helping countless customers find the right ID card printers for their business and can happily point you in the right direction.

        Have A Look At Our Range Today & See What Your Company Can Be Capable Of!

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